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Morefield Partners develops relationships with the select few innovators who challenge the status quo and try to change the world. Our incubation platform- "The Field"- is where ideas that start on a piece of paper are turned into innovative solutions to everyday problems. We are industry agnostic and love working with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Learn about our services below.

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Our services.

Our specialty is working with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages to take back of napkin ideas (or more simply starting with a problem we want to solve) and quickly turn them into fully operational Minimum Viable Products that have a large potential for disruption. Nothing is too early for us or too far out of the box.

"The Field" (Incubation)

  • Company formation
  • Minimal viable product
  • Strategy, branding, logo/naming, recruiting co-founders
  • Wireframing, frontend coding, UI and UX, database, algorithms, mobile
  • Payment processing, e-commerce integration, complex APIs
  • Investor materials, pitch decks, intros
  • Business Consulting

  • Company strategy
  • Branding, logo, slogan, marketing message, name
  • Promotions, PR, marketing and investor pitch decks
  • Financial services consulting, fintech, legal & compliance
  • Restaurant concepts and branding, menu items, PR, web design
  • Startup Mentorship

  • Private company advisory & mentorship
  • Buy or build decisions
  • Product Management
  • Networking, intros to leaders in the industry, board/advisory seats
  • Outsourced CTO, finding co-founders
  • Financial guidance, company strategy, industry research, go to market strategy
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    Our portfolio.

  • The Field
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  • In Development
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  • General Consulting
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    About us.

    Morefield Partners incubates, mentors, and consults for promising entrepreneurial ventures. For most projects, this means we act as Co-Founder and leverage our skills/network to get a product to the point where it can receive an outside investment. Not only do we love exciting new tech ventures but also physical products or creative fields, such as restaurant concepts, food/beverage lines, movies, books, or television shows. We are proudly based in New York City. You may view an example of services offered here.

    The Field's (Incubation) History

    Morefield Partners was started by twin brothers Matthew and Michael Kane, serial entrepreneurs and investors, who found their years of hands on product development, networking, and investing across many fields made them uniquely suited to make a difference in American entrepreneurship. After meeting many green entrepreneurs- those with great ideas and corporate experience but no technical or entrepreneurial background- the brothers felt that there was a huge need for a pre-seed incubation platform to get these great ideas out in the market solving our everyday problems. This is where "The Field" originated. In The Field, entrepreneurship has no fences.

    Our Name

    "Morefield" is the name of the street that the partners grew up on in the middle class Northeast section of Philadelphia. This street and neighborhood symbolize everything that is great about America. We don't believe you need fancy titles, Harvard degrees, or rich family lineage to be successful. If you are smart, resourceful, hardworking, and tough, anything is possible, as long as you are willing to dream.

    Our Approach

    We are "problem solver" entrepreneurs. What this means is simple. We start or advise companies that solve problems, and that's it. We do not get involved in businesses to make money. You can find any hustler on the street that can do that. If you are solving a big enough problem, the money will come. To us, being an entrepreneur is about solving the everyday problems that face us. This is the perspective that we bring to every project we consider.

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    Morefield Partners is made up of twin brother serial entrepreneurs Matthew and Michael Kane. They have dedicated their lives to solving problems and innovating. If you view yourself the same way, then there will definitely be an opportunity to work together.


    Matthew Kane, Managing Partner


    Matt is a highly experienced serial entrepreneur with years of startup experience in front and backend internet technologies, design, marketing, strategy, and operations. As a CTO Matt has co-founded and built from scratch many interactive web startups in diverse industries such as financial services, travel, weather, food, search, marketplaces, real estate, e-commerce, entertainment, and multimedia. He is an innovator and strong believer in the field of lean operations, beautiful user interfaces, and creative bootstrapping. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he worked in credit trading at a $2 billion multi-strategy hedge fund seeded by SAC Capital. Matt loves international travel, big ideas, food, music, film, comedy, current events, playing sports, and helping to change the world. Matt has a B.S. with Distinction from Penn State's Smeal College of Business in Finance and was one of the first graduates of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program at the School of Engineering. He is originally from Northeast Philadelphia, and resides in New York City.


    Michael Kane, Managing Partner


    Mike brings years of business and startup experience to Morefield Partners. Mike is the Co-Founder, CEO, and CIO, of Hedgeable, a next generation investing firm that revolutionized the asset management industry. He formerly worked at Spruce Private Investors, a $3.0 Billion Outsourced CIO for wealthy families, named the best Wealth Manager in the U.S. by Private Asset Management Magazine. At Spruce, Mike helped high profile clients manage investments in public equities, private companies, fixed income/credit, commodities, real estate, and alternatives. Prior to Spruce, Mike was at Bridgewater Associates, a $130 Billion Global Management Firm, with clients including foreign governments, major pension funds, and large corporations. Mike is an avid writer, international traveler, adventurer, sports fanatic, and cooking enthusiast. When not in the kitchen or on the court, Mike is cooking up a new novel or short story. Mike is a proud graduate of Penn State University. He is originally from Northeast Philadelphia, and resides in New York City.

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    Get in touch.

    If you want to chat about one of our projects or want us to consider working together, the best way to contact us is to send one of our partners an email directly, or find us on LinkedIn. If you have a general inquiry please use the form below.

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